80% Potential Exchange Rate Improvement

$0 Transaction Fees

15 minute Setup Process


This program can provide a measurable impact to your company’s bottom line through more efficient rates of exchange and expert insight on strategy and risk management. 

Do you…

  • Have foreign vendors, customers, subsidiaries, or employees?
  • Make foreign currency denominated payments or convert foreign receivables?
  • Have exposure to fluctuating exchange rates?
  • Know how much your provider is charging for their forex services?
  • Know if you are getting the best available exchange rate on the days you transact?

Your Benefits Include

  • Currency Transactions for foreign payables, receivables, and a wide range of hedging products
  • Expertise in doing business in over 90 currency pairs
  • Forensic Study of past and current wires to determine what your current provider is charging and the potential savings
  • Preferred pricing resulting from the purchasing scale of the global World Trade Centers Association Network
  • Streamlined setup requiring no change to your bank account relationship
  • Secure transactions cleared through multi-national counterpartiesUser-friendly trading portal, with live pricing in all time zones
  • No transaction fees

What is Forex?

World Trade Center Tacoma brings you access to market-leading foreign exchange services at preferred rates through the scale and power of our global WTCA Network. 


For more information please view the infographic below or call the Trade Desk at
(235) 396-1022

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