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8 Trade Professionals

100+ Industry Experience

$150-$180 Competitive Hourly Rates

Trade Desk

The Trade Desk is an affordable, state-of-the-art service desk with an impressive suite of services.

Do you need expert consulting on…

  • Trade Research?
  • International Marketing Know-How?
  • Sourcing Suppliers & Manufacturers?
  • Bilingual Online Project or Product Listing?
  • Translation & Interpretation Services?

Sample Projects

  • Identify Chinese distribution channels for specialty packaged foods
  • Export compliance package for wholesaler entering India
  • Due diligence investigations for international transactions
  • Identify US distribution channels for Chinese manufacturer
  • Extensive translation of Real Estate project materials
  • Arrange for project presentations in multiple cities across China, prepare and translate printed materials, and serve as in-country facilitator

How Can The Trade Desk Benefit You?

The Trade Desk is perfect for an entrepreneur with a vision who needs help putting it into action, a small business seeking to expand, or an established mid- to large-sized company looking to explore new avenues, gain further efficiencies of scale or searching out new suppliers or customers.

For more information please view the infographic below or call the Trade Desk at
(235) 396-1022

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